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The Red Thread Fellowship

The challenges for leaders are daunting. Our world seems ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - with economic and political uncertainty, armed conflicts around the world, mass migration, rapid technological change and the ever present threat of terrorism.

We believe the best way to respond to these challenges is to develop leaders who take an interest in the world around them, who invest in building their local communities, and who have the skills and aptitudes required to deliver sustained organisational success.

In 2016, we created The Red Thread Fellowship, an initiative to contribute towards building a more inclusive, sustainable and connected community in Milton Keynes. It brings together young leaders from all walks of life, at no cost to them, and uses our Sustainable Leadership methodology to develop them and charities in and around Milton Keynes.

Now calling for applicants for our Autumn Oxford Programme

What is it?

We offer places on a special no-cost programme to early to mid-career managers who:

  • Live and work within a 50 miles radius of Milton Keynes
  • Lead people
  • Manage budgetary responsibilities
  • Aspire to move into senior leadership roles
  • Are motivated to build stronger, more sustainable communities.

The programme brings together participants from all sectors to help support charitable projects in becoming more sustainable. In parallel, we run reflective learning workshops that allow the programme Fellows to distil and share the insights they gain, compare them with best practice and contemporary leadership theory, and explore how they can apply their learning in their workplace.

What happens on the programme?

During an initial two day workshop, we will introduce you to each other, helping you start to build as a team and agree how you will work together. Crucially, this is also when you decide which projects and charities you will support and gain their agreement. Over the following 12 months, while you are working with your charities, you will also attend five one-day workshop modules, each of which focuses on a specific dimension of leadership:

  • Module One: Role modelling – setting an example and planning small wins
  • Module Two: Inspiring a shared vision – building your vision and enlisting the support of others
  • Module Three: Challenging the process – finding opportunities, experimenting and taking risks
  • Module Four: Enabling others to act – fostering collaboration and building strengths
  • Module Five: Encouraging the heart – recognising contributions and celebrating accomplishments

At the end of the year, we meet one last time to review what you have done and celebrate what you have achieved.

What the Fellows say...

What the Charities say...

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch: you have only to be fully committed to the programme for its 12 month duration. If you are a programme Fellow, you must:

  • Attend the entire programme
  • Attend all the bi-monthly workshops
  • Meet your volunteering commitment (this will be a minimum of 1 hour per week, but you may commit as much additional time as you wish)
  • Fundraise for your charity project (you must commit to raising a minimum of £500 over the year)

If you are a participating charity, you must:

  • Meet your commitment to work in an open fashion with our participants
  • Allow us to observe as you work together with the participants
  • Accept the help the participants offer you and the money they raise for you

And that’s it. If you are interested in participating, either as a Fellow or as a charity,

please get in touch

Our Sponsor

We are proud and excited that the 2017 Fellowship will be sponsored by the Open University. As well as supporting the running of the programme, this means that Fellows will be able to access the OU’s online learning material to support their learning and development for the duration of the programme.

Our Partners

We couldn’t run The Red Thread Fellowship without the help of our partners, who offer us space and source potential charities for us and we would therefore like to publically acknowledge the support of:

If you would like to support the 2017 – 18 Fellowship, either as a Partner or as a Sponsor, please get in touch

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