Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership is based on a simple idea - by helping a charitable project do what they do better, you will get better too.

So what is it - it's a 12 month development process for teams. Your team commits to helping a charitable project become more sustainable, by using your skills (mental and physical) and also by helping raising some money, how much is up to you.

While you are doing this - we will watch you and help you transfer the learning back into your work place. So if you stop the CEO of the project and ask how they are going to deliver both the project and sustain their long term income; we'll make sure you are asking yourself the same question in your business.

Sustainable leadership - developing your leadership by developing sustainable communities. Making you better by making a difference.

How does it work...

There are two parts to making it work.
Firstly we get to know you - your business, the issues and challenges you face and the people in the team. And we'll talk to your staff and your customers too, to see what they think of you.

Then we'll give you the feedback and watch how you choose which project you want to support and put your pitch together. Yes that's right, you have to win the right to help the project. We want you to want to help them; and for them to want your help. So you're going to have to sell it to them.

Then you and the project leaders, with our help, set out a plan for what you are both going to commit to for the next 12 months.

The second part is all about making the difference. As you work with the project we will come and watch you and feedback what we see. We'll meet regularly with you as team to reflect on what you are doing with the project and how that applies to your own business.

At the end of the year there'll be a celebration for you both to recognise what you've achieved over the 12 months you've been working together.

And who knows, maybe you'll carry on working together.

Want to know more?...

If you're as excited about the idea of sustainable community based leadership development as we are and want to make a difference while you get better

Please get in touch - ring Freddie (07540 187333) or Adrian (07530 663543) and have a chat about it.
Alternatively leave your details and we'll contact you.

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