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The Background

21st century woes sometimes seem almost endless. There is little talk of people’s potential, of how so many give freely of their time and energy to help and support others, in short of hope. Like many others, we at the Red Thread looked at some of the social challenges we faced in our communities wondered if there was anything we could do?

And we believe we have found the answer! It is called The Red Thread Fellowship™ Powered by hope and goodwill, it delivers inclusive and caring societies.

How it works

The Red Thread Partnership is a leadership and organisation development consultancy, so we decided to help aspirational middle managers become not just leaders of their organisations, but of their communities – and to do this for nothing! We provide a year-long leadership development programme for our Fellows; and they give the equivalent of an hour a week of their time to help a local charitable project become more sustainable. This experiential activity enriches their development AND increases the likelihood that the charity will continue to provide care and support for the communities where the leaders live. Oh and did we say - there is no cost to the Fellows or the charity.

The Red Thread Fellowship

Does it work?

Sponsor the Red Thread Fellowship

We’re in our second year and it's already had a huge beneficial impact on 22 managers, 16 businesses and 8 charities! Already established in Milton Keynes it's now running in Oxford and the plans don't stop there!

One of last year’s charities estimated the total value of their experience was £40,000 and one of our Fellows is now a Trustee. Another Fellow has set up his own charitable trust.

We’re creating an inclusive and caring community that is growing.

What’s next?

We’ve launched in Oxford this year and would like to launch in two more cities in 2018 and more the year after with the aim of having a Fellowship running in every major city by 2025.

Will you help us achieve that goal?

What’s the proposition?

You can make a difference and benefit in the process. You can deliver your CSR strategy and ambitions and your leaders get structured development.

We are asking for funding over 2 years to help drive the growth of the Fellowship programme. Starting from £5,000 up to £30,000.

What you get (dependant on level of sponsorship):

  • You will be a named sponsor
  • You can put one person (per 6 participants) on our programmes
  • We will actively target cities where you have offices
  • Your branding on the Fellow's workbook, extensive social media coverage, local radio, networking events and targeted mailings
  • Your branding on local participating charities' re-mailing activities
  • A speaking slot at one of our workshops
  • Discounted executive coaching rate for your senior employees
  • Up to 2 ½ day seminars for participating office

Where will the money go?

  • The cost of launching the Fellowship in the new cities
  • Sourcing and maintaining local partner networks (training space, catering and media)
  • Project Management
  • Fellows recruitment costs
  • Production of materials, psychometrics and activities
  • Contribute to programme delivery costs (note: wherever possible we use free space and charity delivered catering)


If you are interested in sponsoring the programme, please use the Contact form below or email: helen@the-redthread.co.uk





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Fellowship FAQ’s… Dispelling the myths

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