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Leading Paper & Materials Company

The Red Thread Partnership worked with a new team of a £300M division of a £1B Group to establish the Ambition and strategic intent for the business – stage one consisted of a set of Discovery Insights to understand the current morale and levels of engagement of all the employees within the business, interviews with key customers and a series of one to one and team interventions to create a true picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the Team. 

A lot of time was also spent with a leadership team to create team bonding and dependencies, help establish the leadership guiding principles and get complete alignment to the Vision and the direction of the business.

This was then communicated and tested with the next layer of Managers to ensure buy-in and the opportunity for them to feedback and help shape the final version of the plan.

A series of bespoke interventions were then designed and implemented at all levels of the organisations to communicate and Deliver the new crafted Vision, Strategic intent and key measures.

"This programme resulted in the Division being the only business globally to achieve its goals in 2011" - Divisional MD

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