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Major Food Services Division

Embedding new behaviors inside an organisation of 300 employees takes real dedication and commitment from the business, good planning, great creativity and hard work.

Following a new directive from Group, the division needed to ensure early adoption of the new behaviours by all the employees and integration into the business processes and practices.

A series of bespoke workshops and communication strategies were devised to engage Leaders, Managers and Employees to first get familiar with the behaviours and understand the role these will play in help support driving Growth, and through a series of practical sessions,

get all the employees to embed these into their working practice as individuals and as teams.

The result was the division regaining the number one position in their industry customer survey Other clients include

  • Rapier Group
  • Kerry Foods
  • PaperlinX UK
  • Robert Horne
  • Sony Playstation
  • Top Banana
  • Howard Smith Paper
  • The Packaging Company

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