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Develop Leaders

To be successful in life, you have to work with people. Life itself teaches you how to do this, or at least offers you opportunities to learn. The trouble is we are often too busy – or have persuaded ourselves that we are: as a result, we don't always stop to listen to those lessons.

What we do is help you stop, listen and learn faster and deeper. We do this through a mixture of coaching, 360° feedback, psychometrics, action learning, and both structured and semi-structured development events.


Whether on a 1:1 or group basis, coaching has been shown to be a powerful way for individuals and teams to develop. We have a group of highly proficient, experienced and qualified coaches who will work with you to clarify what you are trying to achieve and then to help you make that a reality. We use a wide variety of approaches and techniques and are happy to discuss your particular needs with you so we work in the way that best suits you.

As well as 1:1 coaching, we also run group, or team, coaching sessions. Once a group has agreed with each other how they want to work and on what (contracted and set its boundaries), trust can begin to develop. The stories, experiences, questions and reactions that the group can then share create a rich environment where people can learn without being taught.

"Personally developed and refocused what my day-to-day role is about – more time-focussed on function/team/individual development – all contributing to having a bigger impact and effect on business performance."

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Skills and Management Development

At any level within an organisation, a lack of key skills can hinder even the most inspirational leader. We’ve been running bespoke development workshops for companies and organisations of all sizes for over 20 years, and some of the subjects that we’ve covered include:

  • Influencing and partnering
  • Six steps to personal impact
  • Managing performance
  • Difficult conversations
  • Distance management
  • Coaching skills
  • Prioritisation and delegation
  • Inter-personal effectiveness

We run development workshops that combine pre-reading/work and videos, experiential activities, role plays, peer and/or tutor coaching, psychometrics and 360° feedback, peer discussion (face-to-face and online) and action learning to maximise the transfer of new skills into the workplace and help you fill the skills gap that hinder not just your leaders, but also your organisation.

"Very interesting course, delivered brilliantly"

"One of the most enjoyable, worthwhile training I have ever done"

"Overall, a fantastic and insightful course delivered in an energetic and enjoyable way"

"Combined some theory but it was mostly practical in nature and we were constantly thinking how it applied to my role"

"Course participation was really encouraged and I learned an awful lot from other people on the course"

"The course was extremely helpful. I will take a lot of key learnings back to my workplace that will help me in the future"

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Leadership Development

It has often been suggested that it takes 10,000 hours to gain mastery of anything – including leadership. You can debate the actual amount of time, but it’s startling to think how little time many leaders spend mastering their leadership role compared with their task activities.

Some of that necessary mastery will come from effective reflection on the daily aspects of doing their job – a process that coaching can greatly help with. But, valuably, some of it can also come from well-designed and delivered leadership development events.

We customise all our leadership development events, although we will incorporate techniques and methods that have been proven elsewhere. We won’t tell you that there is a magic formula: instead we will explore your experiences, and share with you some of the latest thinking alongside feedback on how others experience you (using tools like 360° feedback and psychometrics) allowing you to develop your authentic and effective leadership style and to deliver the results you want.

To find out more about one of the ways we support leadership development, read about our Sustainable Leadership offer

"I have worked with Red Thread over the past 18 months on a management training and leadership programme. I can thoroughly recommend them: I have worked in my current role for over 10 years and nothing has previously come close in terms of relevance, timeliness, scope and credibility. I have learned a lot over this period, I’m more motivated, and I feel much better prepared for the future, not only in my role but also in my greater understanding of the workplace and people around me"

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