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Engaged employees are the difference between good and great organisations, but where does engagement start? For us, the answer is simple. It starts with the answers to some important questions, such as:

  • Do your people know the story you want to be able to tell and acting accordingly?
  • How actively and skilfully are your leaders and managers supporting the delivery of that story?
  • Are you listening to all your staff - and do they feel listened to?
  • Are you acting with integrity - do you actually do what you say?

We help you build engagement in many different ways: by taking the time to get to know you; by talking to your key stakeholders; by helping you craft your story; and by agreeing how best we can support you in meeting the challenge of creating real engagement that will deliver a high performance culture.

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Staff Surveys

How engaged are your staff? Well one good way to find out is to ask them. We use a questionnaire set that combines questions derived from the ground-breaking work of Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman in their book, First Break All the Rules, with models of motivation such as Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs. This creates a simple but highly insightful, benchmarked questionnaire that we use to help you understand how people feel in your organisation.

As well as the core questionnaire, which we would always recommend that you use, we can also add on customised questions to help you explore particular issues (such as how far you currently live your values) or additional simple, open questions (such as what one change would make this a better place to work). We’ll analyse the results for you and guide you through their implications, as well as the actions that we would suggest you consider.

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Conferences and Events

A great event or conference can help everyone who attends to step into a business’s strategy, interact with senior management and start to truly experience the change or strategy that the event is built around. In contrast, a bad one can leave people cynical and demotivated. We know the difference, and we know how to create great events.

Built on a foundation of openness and trust, our events let attendees really question what is going on by working as part of a larger team to express their concerns and fears. We also help them to explore and try out what is being proposed and to contribute actively to shaping the next steps. That way attendees can more easily commit to making the changes that are needed happen, and to make the strategy live and breathe. After each event, we also follow up with attendees to support them in carrying out those actions, and with senior management to ensure they live by the commitments they have also made.

"Red Thread did a fantastic job for the dealer conference we organised last January.
The satisfaction rate has been the best ever."

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Internal Communications

How you speak and share messages across an organisation has a huge impact on how well everyone understands what the organisation is trying to achieve and how it is going about it. It also affects the extent to which people feel listened to and heard – and how much they believe that their opinions matter and that they can influence what is going on. And all of these elements have a significant impact on motivation, engagement and the organisation’s performance.

When we work with you to help you improve internal communications, we’ll always start by doing two things:

  • Asking you what everyone thinks of your internal communications - and if you don’t know, helping you to find out.
  • Asking you what message you are trying to communicate.

Based on your answers to those questions, we’ll then work with you to agree a communications strategy and then to bring it to life and make it a reality.

"Red Thread worked with us as part of the team responsible for designing and delivering an overall Comms and Engagement Strategy. They consistently encouraged people to push their thinking, challenge the status quo and keep the end game front of mind. They bought creative energy and ideas to the table and worked well with a strong team to deliver results."

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Culture Change

The importance of culture can’t be overstated. If your culture and your strategy aren’t aligned, there’s only going to be one winner - and it isn’t strategy. But changing culture is difficult. It involves multiple activities that together will start to move the beliefs and expectations of everyone inside - and sometimes outside - the organisation has about how things are done around here.

When we help you change your culture, we draw on all the different aspects of the work that we do. We help you develop as a senior leadership team, maybe coaching some of you. We upskill staff in key areas. We help you create a cadre of effective leaders and help them to grow and develop high performing teams. And we incorporate high-quality communications and events that allow the whole organisation to step into the new ways of working and truly experience what it will mean for them.

If you want to know more – please get in touch.

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