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Frontier Leadership

Leadership is changing. Everywhere. In all situations, in every business sector and in every kind of culture the leadership challenges of the future are not those we have experienced in the past. And there are very good reasons why this is the case. Understanding those reasons; acting on that understanding and then reflecting on those actions is what we call Frontier Leadership

Our Book

In our new book The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership we describe how the intersection of true understanding of the changing operating environment; true understanding of your, and your organisation’s belief systems; and true understanding of your leadership behaviours can lead to Frontier Leadership outcomes. We also set out the three key strands of action you need to focus your energy on.
Our book will soon be available online by BookBoon.com

Our Research

We spoke to leaders in a large number of organisations to provide us with primary research in order to inform the book. Our frontier leadership infographic illustrates what we learnt and what conclusions we came to.

This is what we heard

Our Conclusion

If you would like to be advised when it has been released, or to talk about the contents and how you can use it to help your business after release, please email your details to helen@the-redthread.co.uk

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