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Frontier Leadership

Leadership is changing. Everywhere. In all situations, in every business sector and in every kind of culture the leadership challenges of the future are not those we have experienced in the past. And there are very good reasons why this is the case. Understanding those reasons; acting on that understanding and then reflecting on those actions is what we call Frontier Leadership

How Frontier are you? Use our assessment tool to understand how ready you are to meet the leadership challenges of the future...

Our Book

In our new book The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership we describe how the intersection of true understanding of the changing operating environment; true understanding of your, and your organisation’s belief systems; and true understanding of your leadership behaviours can lead to Frontier Leadership outcomes. We also set out the three key strands of action you need to focus your energy on.

Our book is available to buy via BookBoon.com at http://bookboon.com/en/the-7-steps-to-frontier-leadership-ebook  


"This short book covers a lot of territory and successfully blends theory with reality. It starts with an exploration of the reality of leadership in today's world and what this currently means for leadership, building to what it takes to become a Frontier leader … this book offers insights into today’s Leadership roles and adds to the debate on how one could create a real way of understanding leadership styles in action for the context we now live in."    Dr Fran Woodard MBA, DProf


The 7 steps

So how do you become a Frontier Leader in 2018 and beyond?

1. Understand your environment
2. Understand your beliefs
3. Understand your behaviours
4. Choose your role
5. Create the cultural context
6. Enabling Purpose and Direction
7. Allocate resources

Oh and there is a Step 8 - start again with step 1, the task is never finished. Each aspect of being a Frontier Leader requires a commitment to continuous change and adaptation. Being a Frontier Leader means having an itch you can never quite scratch. Being a Frontier Leader in the 21st Century is the only type of leader to be.

Our Research

We spoke to leaders in a large number of organisations to provide us with primary research in order to inform the book. Our frontier leadership infographic illustrates what we learnt and what conclusions we came to.

This is what we heard

Our Conclusion

Developing Frontier Leadership

We have created a suite of development options that can help you as an individual, a leadership team or an organisation develop and embrace Frontier Leadership. In addition, we have an assessment tool which can provide an evaluation on how frontier an organisation is.

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