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Frontier Leadership

Today’s leadership challenges have become more intense. The number of transformative general purpose technologies this century is set to double from those introduced in the last century. From nano technologies to graphene; from new mechanisms to customise healthcare to the internet of things, 21st Century leadership is set against an operating environment that is moving ever faster and becoming ever more complex.

Navigating this complexity is the leadership and management challenge of the age. However to navigate it one must first understand it. And those leaders who understand it are at the frontier of their profession.

The Red Thread will be publishing its book ‘Frontier Leadership’ that set out how to be a frontier leader in 2017. We want to add to the academic research that has informed the book, with some primary research of our own and stories from Frontier Leaders. We would therefore really value your input and would like to invite you to complete this short questionnaire 

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About the Authors:

The Red Thread Nick Isles

Nick is an experienced consultant with over 20 years’ experience of engagement with organisations from all sectors. He is a former Director of The Work Foundation, with a wide range of expertise including on strategy, leadership development, organizational change, communications and engagement, pay and reward and corporate governance and CSR.

The Red Thread Adrian Spurrell

Adrian works in leadership, organisation and management development, specifically focusing on attitudinal and behavioural change and has done now for over 20 years.

The Red Thread Freddie Guilmard

Freddie is the Managing Director of the Red Thread Partnership Ltd, a specialist Leadership and Change Consultancy. Freddie has over 25 years’ experience of board level communications and change initiatives focussing on High Performance Leadership Team Development and Employee Engagement Strategies.



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