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Michael Brewer

Consultant - Marketing and Sales Strategy

Michael gets up in the morning, because...

Dawn breaks, and Michael gets up because he enjoys an early morning and the chance to reflect on the day ahead. Opportunities to work with people, help them engage with their worlds and make a difference so that they feel a real sense of achievement

During the day...

He is passionate about understanding customers, markets and organisations. Why do we make the choices we make? What are we seeking? How can we work together to find it? These are the questions that lead to innovation, strategies for growth, understanding of our customers and effective marketing and communications.

Michael has worked with many financial service organisations on those challenges, including Direct Line, RSA, Legal& General. Those relationships have led to work in other sectors too, with assignments for Mercedes Benz in motor, Medacs in recruitment and the University of the Arts in education. All linked by the same theme, understanding people and finding solutions to their needs which make sense for the organisation too.

...and afterwards...

He may be found tramping through the countryside, here in the UK or, whenever possible, somewhere else in the world, pursing a love of landscapes and walks that last at least 5 hours. Come the winter, he’ll be hoping for enough snow in the Dolomites for some serious cross-country skiing. In between these bursts of energy, you may find him an art gallery pondering the creative spirit or in Edinburgh, visiting his daughter – who works in the food industry and so is an excellent guide to the gastronomic delights of the booming Scottish eating out market!

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