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Simon Berry

Simon gets up in the morning, because...

He absolutely believes that everyone has the capacity to perform at their best, deliver great results AND enjoy life to the full; but for a misunderstanding about how to go about it. He also believes that much of learning and development falls on stony ground unless this misunderstanding is cleared up.

During the day...

He works with individuals and teams to help them achieve clarity and gain insights tocreatively and intuitively find their own best way forward to deliver results. He believes senior people have usually been on enough skills and knowledge courses to last them a lifetime and that, whilst we should all strive to improve in these areas, this is not where the real key to engagement and performance lies. He has worked with organisations in the public and private sector across a variety of disciplines as well as with hundreds of individuals.

His clients have included such organisations as the NHS, Specsavers, Intel, HSBC, Fujitsu, Cobham, Polycasa and Thomas International

...and afterwards...

He plays tennis and also golf in preparation for the time when too many bits fail and he can no longer play tennis.

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