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Stuart McCullough

Senior Consultant

25 years working for some of the most respected automotive brands in the world has taught Stuart the importance of establishing a clear corporate vision and integrating it with the activities of everyone connected to the organisation.

Having developed successful businesses in a multitude of countries and cultures, Stuart understands the human factors that affect business performance and how to align the interests of all parties in the business chain to deliver results.

Roles with VW, Audi, Toyota and Lexus, culminating in 5 years as a board member of

Bentley Motors have provided Stuart with an incisive approach to strategic planning along with a performance based approach to sales and marketing. A practical understanding of the philosophy and practice of Kaizen and his personal experience of several organisational change programmes ensures that he has a deep understanding of what is required to make organisational change stick.

Stuart is best known for establishing the industry leading reputation of Lexus for customer service in the UK through a series of innovative and unique techniques and team development.

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