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Syreeta Deller

SME Engagement Manager

Syreeta gets up in the morning, because...

Because she is excited by the opportunities that life presents. Every day she learns something new about herself, the people around her and the world in general.

During the day...

Is excited to be marketing the SME world class manager programme. With a strong marketing background and passion for selling products and services, she thrives on delivering a top-quality experience to her customers.

Over 20 years marketing experience, working for small and medium sized businesses, Syreeta gets a buzz to see marketing efforts result in sales and happy customers. Her last full-time venture was working for a publishing company in central London where she headed up a large team. With a sales target to hit in addition to the many marketing objectives set by the company, this unique role was a challenging yet very rewarding opportunity.

...and afterwards...

Syreeta has a one year old daughter that keeps her well and truly busy. Being so young her daughter is still very dependant on her mummy but as she gets a little older, Syreeta looks forward to spending more time with her friends, getting back to the gym, travelling more and creating wonderful memories with her daughter.

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