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Six Steps to Positive Impact

A personal impact philosophy from The Red Thread Partnership and BTSport’s Abi Griffiths.

Why run a Six Steps event?

  • You want your people to be able to light up a room
  • When they are in a meeting,their voice isn’t heard as well as everyone else's
  • You keep getting passed over for promotion
  • You’re not clear what your personal brand is all about
  • People are not noticing your colleagues

Why we created the Six Steps

Six Steps to Positive Impact is a high energy workshop,whichcombines well researched methods for increasing your personal impact with insights from Abi Griffiths abouthow she became one of the top TV presenters in several typically male-dominated sports.

  • The Red Thread Abi Griffiths

    Abi Griffiths

The Six Steps


Getting the basics right

Body basics

  • How do you ‘look right’andmanage the physical aspects of nervousness?
  • And what about really being present and listening hard?Both will really get you noticed

Heads up

  • Do you realise how much your body and mind are linked?
  • We’ll also explore powerful ‘mind only’ aspects of Impact, such as: positive self-talk; managing self-assumptions and limiting beliefs; and forgiving yourself and showing yourself compassion

Being remembered

Write your own story

  • What impression do you want to make? How will you introduce yourself – and remember everyone's names? Rather than just telling them what you’ve done, can you create a memorable story for them in the moment?


  • What do you want to be remembered for? And how can you use what you’ve achieved to get to where you want to?

Letting you passion shine

Taking off the mask

  • How can you find the courage to take off your mask, allow yourself to be vulnerable and let people see your weaknesses as well as the amazing you?
  • We’ll show you how to listen to and work with painful feedback, and help you recognise that being successful is hard work

Lighting yourself up

  • Do you know what it is that gets you passionate – the work that, when you do,doesn’t feel like work at all – or can we help you find it? We can help you to channel that energy, sense of purpose and passion in a way that excites but doesn’t overwhelm others.

Your Options

You can engage with the Six Steps in the following ways:
One hour taster session, Half day workshop, One day workshop or Customised package

All options, except the one hour taster, can be co-delivered with Abi Griffiths (subject to availability).

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