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Transitioning for Success

Whether it’s a change of career, partner, or even of location or country, life changes aren’t easy. Whatever the nature of the transition you are facing, we’ve put together a powerful range of tools to help you navigate life transforming changes smoothly.

We provide our help in five core areas:

As a starting point, we look at who made or is making the decision. Was it you, or was it someone else? Or is this change determined or shaped by circumstance?

We will help you explore the reasons behind the decision: the hopes and fears you are experiencing, and the assumptions or beliefs that may be influencing or impacting your thoughts and feelings.And we’ll also spend some time looking at where you really want to go. What are the threads that run through your life, and what picture do you want them to weave?

Once you’ve decided, but before you start to move on, we would encourage you to take time to take stock of where you currently are. What’s good about today that you might have to give up?Will that hold you back?

It’s also important to recognise that few changes happen straight away, so what are you going to do between now and then? How are you going to keep up your energy and focus in the meantime so you don’t lose momentum?

Now it’s time to really let go. To say goodbye to your old life, celebrate what was great about it and, if necessary, grieve for it. And then you can start moving forward.

If you are going through a big career change, for example, will you need to change how you see yourself? You may have to play with new ways of describing who you are, or what you do.Will you give yourself permission to really change? What boundaries – if any – will you set?

How do you see this change? Many people have found it really helpful to choose a metaphor that describes their change for them and which they can use to navigate through the challenges they face.

So… will you get stuck in a backwater or travel on an open road? Which doors are closed for you– and how heavy are they to open? And how will you maintain your equilibrium?What’s the story you want to write?

Change is tiring, especially a life transition.
We’ll help you reflect on how it’s going, what you are doing to maintain your energy and motivation, and how you are looking after yourself.

So how can we help?

There are lots of different ways that we can help you as you move forward through your transition:


We will work with you on a 1:1 basis to help you work through all of the stages of the transition. How many coaching sessions that will take and how long you will want to be coached for will be entirely down to you, but we’d suggest a minimum of three 1 ½ - 2 hour sessions.


If your particular change will affect a number of people, or you are part of a group facing a change together, we can run a one day interactive ,/workshop that will take all of you through the first four stages, givingyou a clearer sense of where you are going and how you are going to get there.


We can run short masterclasses on any of the stages, and we can also provide sessions that cover:

  • Interview techniques – helping you prepare for an important upcoming interview
  • Six Steps to Positive Impact – improving your ability to be noticed and create the right impression
  • Wellbeing – how to manage stress and stay healthy and energised
  • Knowing yourself - using a range of psychometric instruments to explore your individual preferences

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