The narrative around Hybrid working is confusing leaders. Hybrid is where you are, flexible working is how and when! 
Let’s stop the confusion as this is causing conflict and uncertainty! 
Organisations should get back to basics and decide what the right culture is for them and re-contract with their teams! Oh and don’t forget the voice of the customer, or you might miss a trick! 
In this conversation, Freddie Guilmard from the Red Thread Partnership who leads businesses through culture change, talks with Graham Coath a broadcast journalist who creates content on workplace culture and Nicola Pease, a Flexible Working Champion and Consultant. 
They discuss the language that companies are using, how people are trying to prescribe a 'one size fits all' approach, and discuss how many companies have truly forgotten the voice of their people and customers in all of this! 
More on Nicola Pease: 
Nicola is a leader in Flexible Working, championing change across all industries to create happier places of work and enabling everyone to access the flexibility they need. 
As an Head of HR, she changed cultures, led organisational transformation and created engaging places to work. What’s more, she worked flexibly for over 16 years, leading high performing teams across the UK and the world. But, she became increasingly frustrated at the lack of flexibility at senior levels and with her mantra of “if you don’t like it, change it”, set off on her mission to create a flexible working revolution and change the way we work forever. 
Now, as a Flexible Working Consultant, she helps businesses to find that sweet spot between what the organisation needs, to be effective and what the employees want to be happy. She does that by involving both leaders and employees to design and implement a better way of working. 
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