This conversation is very necessary. Society is shifting in terms of equality but yet there is still a long way to go in business, to address disparity between people of different genders. 
This conversation asks the questions: 
- Do we really take time to understand and listen to each other's needs and requirements, or are we too quick to judge? 
- I never understood the need for 'women only' networks before this conversation; now I get it and I fully understand, but how do I support? 
- Is our current narrative around equity, diversity & inclusion correct or are we in danger of accepting this purely at face value? 
- We need a better, more informative dialogue, done without judgement or fear to move forward and create a better language for change. 
Freddie Guilmard from the Red Thread Partnership is joined by Graham Coath, Podcast Host and Ex Workplace Assessor and guests, Pamela Schmid - Head of People at Charlie Bighams, Jessica Colledge - Head of Marketing and Communications for Genesis Motors UK and Rebecca Purnell - Assistant Chief Executive of West Northamptonshire Council. 
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