We help leaders deal with their BIG issues by building HUMAN organisations. 

The Red Thread Purpose 

We believe great organisations are about commitment – delivering something that matters. We think human organisations value us as individuals and allow us to be ourselves: to celebrate and use what we are great at, and to support each other where we’re not so good. 
We understand that organisations are part of the communities where they are based and where their people live – and frequently where they deliver their services. It’s therefore imperative that leaders are actively involved in their local communities and focus on their impact on the planet. 
We also think work should be a place where you can have fun, overcome challenges, strive and flourish and find satisfaction and fulfilment. After all, we all spend a lot of time at work. Happy and engaged people are more motivated to find solutions and make a difference. 
We know from over 50 years of personal experience between us that leadership is a choice and that good leaders make a huge difference. 
That’s why we help leaders deal with their big issues by building human organisations - because it matters! 

The Red Thread Core Team 

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