It’s all about people. We want to help create and work with human organisations, ones that put their people first. That's why we help leaders be more courageous, inclusive and caring. We have a passion for improvement, change, engagement, culture and performance – but most of all we have a passion for enabling people to be the person they want to be. We believe that also means supporting and improving the communities in which you live and work, that’s why we created The Red Thread Fellowship programme. 
We live our Red Thread values of: courage, passion, curiosity, agility and care. 
According to the ancient Chinese proverb, an invisible red thread connects all those destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. That thread may stretch or tangle but never break. We start our connection with you with a conversation and will support and stretch you, help you unpick your tangles, and never leave you standing there wondering what to do next. 
We step up & volunteer for tasks  
that take us out of our comfort zone 
We have courage to challenge & 
courage to change 
We leave roles at the door & have courage to trust 
We strive to make work joyous 
We really give a DARN 
We bring our energy even when its hard 
We keep open minds 
We always seek to learn 
We challenge assumptions 
We are solution focused and not afraid to try new things 
We focus on what really matters & are willing to experiment 
We actively grow our capability 
We respect & have empathy for each others humanity 
We treat each other as equals 
We take time to listen and understand each other 
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