Developing managers and leaders


We really challenge the thinking and behaviours of your current and future leaders to unlock their creativity and vulnerability, and develop their leadership skills. This enables them to deliver your commercial ambition and live your purpose, vision, and values. 
How we do it. 
We immerse ourselves in your organisation to understand its culture, values and strategy. We co-create bespoke programmes that develop and enrich your and your team’s leadership skills, behaviours and habits. We challenge your thinking focusing on the future of your organisation to create solutions that suit your business needs. 
Our offer includes: 
Bespoke and customised leadership development 
Management, Executive and Business coaching 
Skills development programmes for leaders and managers 
Face-to-face, online and blended solutions 
Psychometric and 360 degree feedback 
Developing Leadership Skills
Frontier Leadership 
"Every business has vast untapped leadership  
potential within its ranks. Developing individual  
leadership costs a fraction of what you’ll spend  
recruiting new talent; Frontier Leadership bonds those people to you and enables a paradigm culture  
shift without operational disruption" 

Frontier Leadership 

Frontier Leaders create a future fit for their organisation, and they create organisations fit for the future. We run bespoke or standard programmes based on our book The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership v2.0 , that will change the way your leaders think and behave to work for the better. In today’s rapidly changing world, Frontier Leaders help their organisations thrive. 
Our Frontier Leadership programmes develop leaders so they understand their context, challenges their beliefs and develop the behaviours that will unlock the potential in your organisation and engage your workforce. 
Online executive coaching by Red Thread
Executive Coaching 
Coaching Milton Keynes face to face
"Personally developed and refocused what my  
day-to-day role is about – more time-focussed on function/team/individual development – all  
contributing to having a bigger impact and effect on business performance." 


The benefits of coaching are widely proven, positively impacting both personal and professional lives. Coaching enables you to find solutions for yourself and your organisation, unlocking and developing authenticity and changing mindsets. 
Our coaching team is diverse and highly experienced and our coaches each bring their unique style and approach to their practice, meaning we can find someone that will suit you and your needs to help you have more flexible, skilled and resilient leaders. 
Leadership Development 
“I am delighted with the difference the programme is making in helping to maximise the potential of our  
primary audience. We are investing in our colleagues, ensuring that all of them can benefit, irrespective of  
their location or cultural background. And teaching our people these skills is like adding an extra person (or  
more than one) to every project team.” 

Leadership Development 

Changing your behaviour when you are under pressure to deliver results is hard. Our programmes, including The Fellowship, focus on the work leaders are currently delivering and the challenges they are facing. Our blended approach of theories and practical application will help improve skills and develop leaders to help them deliver better results. 
Our programmes will give you more flexible, skilful, courageous and effective leaders. 


Delivering Personal Effectiveness 
Creating impactful and influential leaders. 
Building Leaders. 
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