Helping you learn from your and our experience. 
At The Red Thread Partnership we have years of accumulated experience. Over those years we’ve also built up an impressive array of materials that help support developing a wide range of skills and behaviours. 
This means we are able to quickly and effectively build a wide range of masterclasses to suit your needs. All we need to know is how long you want the workshop to last and how much pre-work will participants do. 
Some organisations prefer comprehensive self-paced workbooks before a workshop. This ensures that participants come to the workshops ready to discuss the application of the skills in their work environment. 
Others prefer that pre-work just consists of a few pages of notes to reflect on and maybe one or two videos. Whatever you want – we can structure the workshop around your preferences. 
Workshops typically vary from 90 minutes to half a day. Focused and experiential they will stretch participant’s skills and assumptions and encourage them to experiment and try out new ways of working. 
When these workshops are run in-house we would typically need a minimum of 6 people to organise and run a workshop. 
Workshops can be face to face or online. If appropriate masterclasses can consist of more than one workshop to follow through on the application of learning. 
Final content and format will be agreed with you in advance. 
Decision making 
Briefing and Back-Briefing 
Defining Intent 
Working Collaboratively 
Building EI 
Building Project Teams 
Leading Project Teams 
Multi-cultural/inclusive teams 
Cross project collaboration 
Assertiveness and Influence 
Feedback and Challenge 
Coaching Skills 
Hybrid working 
Creativity and Innovation 
Managing My Work / Prioritisation 
Managing My Career 
We also offer World Class Manager. 
Over 99% of all UK businesses are classified as small or medium sized enterprises – that accounts for some 5.7 million unique companies and organisations, all of which will have some form of leadership hierarchy. The World Class Manager (WCM) programmes are online CPD accredited leadership programmes that have been created specifically for businesses looking to develop and enhance the skills of managers. We offer two programmes – World Class Manager 1 and World Class Manager 2 with coaching. 
Module Structure 
Each WCM license comes with 12 modules, these are delivered alongside coaching. With proven results (see the testimonials), WCM1 and WCM2 can be separate license's of 12 modules each or purchased together as the 24 modules. 
Each module is online and comes complete with a self-study online workbook that uses a blended learning approach of: 
Guided activity 
Interactive assessment 
Group Coaching 
World Class Manager 1 Modules 
Module 1: 21st Century Management 
Module 2: Great Goal Setting 
Module 3: Inspiring Appraisals 
Module 4: Optimizing Your Time 
Module 5: Improving Communication 
Module 6: Better Meetings, Better Results 
Module 7: Understanding Your Customer 
Module 8: Creating A Stand Out Team 
Module 9: Developing Me, Developing My Team 
Module 10: Managing Up 
Module 11: Presenting With Presence 
Module 12: Being A Strategic Leader 
World Class Manager 2 Modules 
Module 1: Using The Power of Emotional Intelligence to Lead 
Module 2: Leader As Coach 
Module 3: Feedback Skills 
Module 4: Delegation & Empowerment 
Module 5: The Art of Influencing 
Module 6: Manager or Leader? 
Module 7: Managing Conflict 
Module 8: Difficult Conversations 
Module 9: Employee Engagement 
Module 10: Managing Change 
Module 11: Resilience & Well Being 
Module 12: Being the CEO 
Custom, Bespoke, or Standard 
We have a substantial library of IP and so are able to run off the shelf programmes for you if required. Our preference though is always to bespoke the content to match the needs of your learners and organisation. 
With senior leaders this is especially important and we would recommend we look at a more customised and dialogue led approach for them. 
Driving Impact online or face to face 
Time and attention are frequently in short supply for senior leaders. As a result they often have a preference for short online sessions at regular intervals to manage diary time while giving the repetition that drives application of learning in the workplace. It is important that the programme uses day to day challenges as a key part of the learning. 
Blended Approach 
We have found providing pre-reading and a range of active and reflective exercises for leaders to complete prior to attending workshops most effective. 
The materials for pre-learning may be: online Ted Talks, word documents, interactive pdfs or more sophisticated online materials hosted on your LMS. 
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