The Coin Street 13-acre site is at the heart of a thriving neighbourhood with co-operative homes, gardens and other public space, shops and design studios, galleries, restaurants, a family and children’s centre, and a range of community programmes and activities. 
In November 2019 Melanie Davies, Head of People and Team Building at Coin Street Community Builders, launched Aspire, a diverse programme of leadership and management development interventions, aimed at both managers and those that aspire to be managers. 
Melanie said… ‘We were delighted to be involved in the design and delivery of four half day workshops that explored inspiring leadership, creating an engaging workplace, being a great manager and empowerment.  
Each workshop was a combination of knowledge sharing, experiential learning and facilitated discussion where participants were invited to take part in a pre-workshop exercises such as reading topical articles and completing personality tests. 
She added… ‘The delegates really enjoyed the focused and interactive three hour sessions and feedback overall was that delegates generally felt more confident in being able to manage in a more informed and practical way. It also facilitated new connections being made across the organisation and greater collaboration. 
Cathie, the facilitator, was also great to work with, helping to develop the content of the overall course right from the beginning, being flexible and adaptable to the needs of the delegates and generally making the workshops engaging and full of examples of real-world experience as a manager herself. 
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