How do the team live the Red Thread Values of: 
Courage Agile Passion Curious Caring 
As a half French, half Italian Madagascan I am passionate about pasta, cheese, chocolate mousse and music. Most of all, though, I am passionate about making a difference to the leaders, teams and organisations I work with which is why I set up The Red Thread Partnership with my business partner Adrian Spurrell 10 years ago to help leaders deal with their big issues and build human organisations. 
We strive to make work joyous 
We really give a DARN 
We bring our energy even when its hard 
Freddie and I were trying to design part of a workshop for a client. We had most of the day sorted but there was a gap we had to fill. We had some ideas but they weren’t really working, or energising us. So we played with it and iterated and put in new ideas that made us uncomfortable and argued as we do – but we stretched ourselves, shared new ideas that made each other uncomfortable and came up with a great concept.  
We are solution focused and not afraid to try new things 
We focus on what really matters & are willing to experiment 
We actively grow our capability 
I’m constantly asking questions - checking, clarifying, enquiring and sometimes challenging and probing! I love variety in my work, and so spending time with others, learning about them, their work, their organisation and most importantly what matters to them describes my favourite working day. Without curiosity, life would be very dull and routine! 
We keep open minds 
We always seek to learn 
We challenge assumptions 
For me, being human is finding a connection with the people I meet, listening to what people say in words, actions, emotions and body language, seeking to understand first. It's what I do as a coach, what I do naturally has become my career. What I have learned, however, is that self-care is as important as care for others, respecting and having empathy for our own humanity, treating ourselves as an equal and listening to our bodies so that we can care for others. 
We respect & have empathy for each other's humanity 
We treat each other as equals 
We take time to listen and understand each other 
It takes courage to move across the world to Australia, set up a new life, start a family and then move back again. It takes courage to bring up 3 children as a single parent and to start a new career. It takes courage to trust and trust to have courage, trust in yourself that you can achieve anything and trust from family, friends and colleagues. 
We step up & volunteer for tasks that take us out of our comfort zone 
We have courage to challenge & courage to change 
We leave roles at the door & have courage to trust 
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