Here's to celebrating the incredible talent that makes the Milton Keynes business community thrive! 
The Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards is the region’s premier annual celebration of business. It brings together the widest array of businesspeople, educators, local politicians, and civic leaders, to be found in one room, at any point throughout the year. Guests come to meet, to enthuse, and above all, to celebrate all that is wonderful about Milton Keynes’ thriving powerhouse of an economy. 
As such, the awards provide a rare opportunity for local businesses to promote their organisation’s brand to a very influential audience, that has real buying power. 
Those of us that live in Milton Keynes, know that from its inception as a new town, it has been wonderfully disruptive, joyfully breaking the mould of what a future city could be, look like, and achieve. From our grid system and self-funded, green spaces to our robots and driverless pods, famously, Milton Keynes has done things differently. Different by design: it is this pioneering spirit that has set Milton Keynes apart from all other UK cities, and as the natural place to develop, trial, and roll out, new ideas and technologies. 
We were thrilled to hear the incredible news that The Red Thread Partnership were selected as a finalist in these prestigious awards for 2024🏆. 
The ceremony took place on 21st March at the Marshall Arena, part of the fabulous Milton Keynes Football Stadium, and it certainly was an incredible evening for all who attended. Having been shortlisted as one of 5 finalists from 35 submissions, sadly we were not announced as the overall winner on the night, but we were thrilled to have been nominated and recognised as a worthy finalist at the big event. 
Our progression to the final stage is demonstrative of the hard work and commitment of our team and our associates; we are grateful for all their efforts and support. 2023 saw some big changes within our business and we are extremely proud of our ability to adapt, to demonstrate some great achievements and to continue to build upon the positive direction we are taking. 
We offer a heartfelt thank you to all our clients for their continued support and trust. We have worked hard to cultivate these relationships and appreciate their prolonged faith in our abilities to support them and their businesses. 
Finally, we would like to extend congratulations and our best wishes to all the other shortlisted and successful individuals and organisations. Here's to celebrating the incredible talent that makes the Milton Keynes business community thrive! 
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