Having changed role and industry recently, it was important to understand how best to engage with my new colleagues in what was sometimes a very different culture with different ways of working. The new company employed many highly educated and experienced people who were very skilled in specialist design and manufacture and learning how to meaningfully engage was a process required over time. 
So I engaged with an executive coach through The Red Thread Partnership. The experience of working with an executive coach is always challenging, especially if you are already confident in how you operate. The ultimate benefits often come when you allow yourself to be really challenged as to whether techniques and methods you’ve come to rely on are really getting the engagement you need. The results are not always instantaneous but allowing you to be moved away from your comfort zone can be rewarding. A good exec coach, as I experienced from The Red Thread, also adapts their style to help you. I really benefitted from the science and the psychology behind what triggers certain reactions which then allows for changes to how you work. 
It’s important on an executive career to evolve and challenge yourself. Executive coaching allows for an insightful review of how you work currently and how you have done in the past. There are plenty of ideas and suggestions for changes in style and approach; ultimately you should be finding those techniques that you can be comfortable with and then readily use in the workplace. Exec coaches can help accelerate that engagement piece and will also help you review in a meaningful way what is working and what isn’t during that process, as it helped me. 
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