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Following the appointment of a new CEO and to support the growth of the business, The Red Thread Partnership were commissioned to review the current management capability, assess the culture and design a programme to help grow the 'soft' skills in order to build a team capable of delivering the business ambition. 
The ‘Raise the Bar’ management development programme was designed to develop a high performing cohort of managers who could deliver on the new strategy and drive growth. A series of 2 days workshops over a period of 2 years were delivered in an experiential environment. The content included a mixture of project-based real-time scenarios which also included practical management theory and tools and was complimented by our on-line World Class management tool. 
We also worked with the senior leaders and created a series of 2 days workshops called ‘Game Changer’ to develop the right mindset to move from a UK market leading position to the international market. Part of the programme included content from the '7 Steps to Frontier Leadership' approach in order for the team to better understand the wider organisational context, to challenge their beliefs and set the right behaviours to enable them to thrive in a new market environment. 
Interventions included: 
Team dynamic score card assessment 
Employee Survey 
121 Interviews with all managers and SLT 
Individual and Team MBTI 
Soft Skills Audit 
World Class Manager Programme 
Team and Individual Coaching 
The management team were trusted and empowered to make decisions to improve organisational culture and operation efficiencies and the senior leaders developed a robust international strategy and were able to successfully raised funding to fuel the growth of the business. 

Testimonials  Sales Director - Metamark  I recently hired Freddie to work with my Leadeship Team with a brief to move the the dynamic from good to great. ... I can truly say that the way he has gone about preparing and understanding the needs of the group is incredible, and this has allowed him to deliver a perfectly pitched Leadership course that is benefiting all of my team. I am looking forward to the ongoing change programme.   Head of IT Operations  I rarely come across anyone with the Freddie’s energy and enthusiasm. Over the past 12 months we have learnt a lot, more than I can do him justice for here. Freddie, along with the World Class Manager program, provided us with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in our roles. We started our journey as individuals and with Freddie’s exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching and motivation, we will leave as a high performing team. I look forward to continuing our work with Freddie and would encourage anyone with this opportunity to do the same.  

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